6 things to avoid the week before your wedding

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Things to avoid before your wedding

You’re not alone – every bride spends the last weeks before her wedding panicking about this, that and the other…. And especially worrying that maybe her looks aren’t quite as perfect as they should be. Lots then go on to do some last minute experimenting – often with disastrous results.

“Once it’s gone wrong, it’s not only a challenge to get it right again, but really time consuming”, says Izabella of Woj Beauty.

And time’s not on your side.

So here’s Izabella’s Top 6 list of things not to do in the run-up to your Big Day!

1. Don’t change your skin

Things to avoid before your wedding

A skin peel can be a great way to get super-smooth skin when you’ve got time to spare, but it’s definitely not a good idea in the weeks before your wedding. “Microdermabrasion and skin peels can sometimes create irritation or lead to repeated peeling, especially if you’re nervous as well”, says Izabella. Plan on peels, Botox and any other skin treatments at least a fortnight before the Big Day to allow the skin to settle and be ready for your makeover.

That also goes for tanning booths and sprays – that needs to be planned well in advance too to ensure you don’t have uneven colour, and that your Beauty Artist can adapt her art to your tan.

2. Be careful what you drink – and eat

And no, we’re not just talking alcohol here. Sure, you need to cut back there, as alcohol not only has tons of calories, it dilutes your blood vessels which changes your skin colour, and can also affect your digestive system.

But beware of health drinks too! So-called juice cleanses don’t nourish you but can make you edgy, whilst fruit juice is packed with sugars. So drink lots of water instead.

And as for those panic last minute diets? Forget them! “I recommend that brides keep themselves healthy and nourished, with balanced meals with lots of veg and few carbs”, says Izabella. “That’s the way to eat healthy and stay happy”.

3. Don’t change your makeup

Things to avoid before your wedding

Once you’ve had your makeup trial with your professional Beauty Artist, and agreed on your best look, don’t change it!

“You have to trust your makeup artist”, says Izabella. “The trial is critical to get the best possible look while the bride is still calm and collected – and once it’s decided on, it’s important to stick to it”.

Remember that the makeup needs to look good not only face to face, but on hi-res cameras and phones and by day and night in a variety of natural and artificial light.

4. Don’t do anything hair raising!

Things to avoid before your wedding

It’s not just makeup – once you’ve agreed your hairstyle in the wedding trial, don’t change your mind. Even cutting your hair shorter weeks in advance carries risks – if you don’t like it, it might grow back, but the texture of your hair will change and may make it difficult to style. Remember too that the style decided on in the trial will be matched to your dress, neckline and jewellery –the fact that a style works with jeans and t-shirt doesn’t mean it will work with everything!

“Don’t even think about changing your hair colour, either”, says Izabella.

There are just too many risks – and the makeup art that you’ve agreed in your trials will definitely have to change. “If you think it’s looking faded, though, it’s probably fine to get some clear gloss applied – but check with your hair stylist first”.

5. Don’t try anything new at the gym

Keep to the same routine – otherwise you may pull a muscle or sprain something, and that could take weeks to heal. If you need more exercise, even if you’re not a gym enthusiast, take a friend – or the dog – and go for walks or jogs in the park. Apart from the benefits of exercise, the fresh air will do you good.

6. Now is not the time to be a Party Animal – or gorge on box sets

Make sure you have enough sleep! You need to stay happy, calm and fresh. Missing out on sleep, or even just changing your normal night patterns, can not only stress you out but ruin your complexion – at the very least giving you dark circles round your eyes.

So, arrange your beauty trial a couple of months in advance with Izabella and her team at Woj Beauty, get glam, avoid the risks and and stay calm, happy and prepared for the Big Day ahead!


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