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7 Wedding Trends and Wishes for 2021

Do you already know which look you will choose for 2021? Until you’ve made your mind up, don’t miss our tips and wedding trends here.

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Empower Women to Become Successful Hairstylists. We believe in the transforming power of beauty. Everyone can be part of this transformation.

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Things to avoid before your wedding

With just a week left before your wedding, we’re sure that you have a mile long list of ‘to-dos’ that you still need to check off before you walk down the aisle. But allow us to introduce you to your list of don’ts.

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best hair colour for your skin tone

Choosing your next hair colour (that matches with your skin tone) from the spectrum of tones that exist within those hues of blonds, browns, reds, and blacks can be overwhelming, right?

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Skin Tone

Ever wondered why that lipstick colour looks great on your friend but not so much on you? Or why some days your complexion seems a bit duller and washed out? The answer: your skin tone.

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safer at-home beauty appointments in london

Woj Beauty has always offered the best beauty service in London, and from now on, it will be even better and safer.

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Wedding off Gutted Time to plan again

You’ve spent months and months planning. Trying to get every last detail just right. Venue. Reception. Guests. Photographers. Dress. Hair. Makeup.

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Romantic Hair Style for Valentine’s Day

Love can be expressed in so many creative ways. This Valentine’s Day, let’s create memories for a lifetime.

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Wedding Bride Photoshoot London Hyde Park

You said Yes! Your dreams are about to come true… The date is fixed! Now it’s down to a flurry of planning to make that big day as perfect as it can be – and you’re definitely going to want to look your very very best!

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The Phantom of the Opera London

A quick guide to the spectacular London show

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