8 Top Tips for a Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

bride reclining in a tulle wedding dress

Your choices for hair and makeup styles for your wedding are infinite, but we want to help you choose the best option for your big day. In this article, you’ll learn our 8 tips on how to arrange your bridal hair and makeup trial to ensure a perfect stress-free wedding.

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6 things to avoid the week before your wedding

Things to avoid before your wedding

With just a week left before your wedding, we’re sure that you have a mile long list of ‘to-dos’ that you still need to check off before you walk down the aisle. But allow us to introduce you to your list of don’ts.

4 Ways to determine your skin tone

Skin Tone

Ever wondered why that lipstick colour looks great on your friend but not so much on you? Or why some days your complexion seems a bit duller and washed out? The answer: your skin tone.