Romantic Hair Styles for Valentine’s Day

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Romantic Hair Style for Valentine’s Day
Romantic Hair Style for Valentine’s Day
Romantic Hair Style for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your love, expressing yourself through every little look, gesture and detail. From the simplest touches to the most elaborate styling, you can create unforgettable moments, starting with your hair.

Add your personal touch, and build a romantic atmosphere through a memorable hairstyle. It’s difficult not to get passionate about these styles!

Braids and ponytails

Braids and ponytails hair style for Valentines Day
Braids and ponytails hair style for Valentines Day

If you’re into clubs and bars and generally socialising, or if you’re having a romantic dinner at home, go for styles that are relaxed, fresh and not too elaborate.

Braids add a rustic air – they’re classic, delicate and simple. An unpretentious three-strand braid can be placed at the back or side or embedded, creating a herringbone look. All you need to complete your look is a stylish accessory.

A loose ponytail also looks easy and relaxed; all you need to do is leave the top a little loose and apply texturing spray to add height and volume. Then, make a ponytail, hold it with a band and fix a clasp. Another option is a looser tail, adding a jewelled or flowery brooch to create a rustic and romantic look.

Loose styling

Loose hair styling for Valentines Day
Loose hair styling for Valentines Day

Letting your hair loose is always an option. Loose and wavy strands, if well prepared, impress with a sensual, sophisticated, well-dressed look, ideal for clubbing or romantic dinners. To ensure loose styles look and stay perfect, apply a leave-in conditioner after washing, either letting your hair dry naturally or blow-drying it. If you’re aiming for curls or a wavy look, it’s best to use a diffuser.

To bring a touch of sophistication, girls with straight hair can innovate by investing in a volume-enhancing dryer; just separate the hair into different strands and brush the roots up and away from the scalp. To achieve the result you’re looking for, apply a little anti-frizz cream to damp hair and style it into curls with a round brush. Then, wrap the ends up to the height of your ears and secure them with a clamp, as if you were making a roll.

Finally, loosen the rolls with your fingers and apply lacquer for shine.

Side parting – the most romantic styles

Side parting – the most romantic hair styles
Side parting – the most romantic hair styles

If you’re looking for the most romantic style, you can bet on ones that have the locks or a parting at the side – it’s the most successful style chosen by the stars. These styles give the impression of ​​two faces as if there’s a secret waiting to be revealed on the other side. And, when your hair is not having its best day, it is a great option to keep it in place.

It’s really versatile – a style that’s adaptable, whether you go for ponytail, braids or twisted strands.

If you think that your romantic day risks your hair falling out of place, ultra-feminine hairstyles like semi-tied or a bun with an embedded braid will guarantee a charming result that will stay in place until the end of the day.


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