The 6 steps to get the timing right for your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

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By now, I’m sure you’ll have checked out our 8 Top Tips for a perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial. But when exactly should you plan to have that? It’s certainly not something to be left until just a few days before if you’re determined to look your best! 

Top Bridal Hair stylist Izabella Wojciechowski has helped thousands of brides look spectacular on their big day, and is crystal clear on the timing. Her six step plan makes total sense.

Step 1 – Book your bridal hair stylist

You need to choose your stylist and get your wedding in her diary immediately you’ve decided on the date, even that’s far ahead now. If you already have a stylist you love, you’ll need to check her availability even before you finalise the date!

Top hair stylists get booked up well in advance, especially for Spring and Summer Saturdays. You’ll also need to tell your stylist where you’ll be getting married and what sort of wedding you’re planning, so she can start thinking about when your trials should be scheduled, and even set a provisional trial date.

Stay in regular touch with your stylist right up to the trial date and tell her about any changes to your plans. From here on, your wedding planning is a journey, and you need your stylist with you all the way. 

Step 2 – Go shopping!

The dress you’ll be wearing and the accessories that you choose have a big influence on what hairstyles and makeup will work best. If it’s going to be a formal wedding, perhaps you’ll choose braids, if relaxed, perhaps curls? Will you choose soft or dramatic makeup? As you shop, you’ll develop a better idea of what you really want for your Big Day. As you do, stay in touch with your hair stylist.

“Brides often change their minds as the months go by, and they’re not always sure what will work best”, says Izabella. “I love it when brides send me photos and call to chat through ideas. It also helps me a lot in advising them when to plan the hair and makeup trials.”

Step 3 – Search for inspiration!

Once you’ve found a dress that you like, start having more serious thoughts about the hairstyle and makeup that you think you’d like to go with it. There are mountains of ideas on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist’s opinion of your favourites! WhatsApp her the pictures and chat about them. If the style is complex or a big change from how you usually look, your hair stylist might want to reschedule your provisional trial date if only on a “just in case” basis.

Step 4 – Make your mind up!

By a few months before your provisional trial you need to reach some important decisions, especially if you want a significant change from your established look.

“Even six months before isn’t too early, especially if a bride is thinking of a major cut”, says Izabella.

“Remember that if it’s left any later there’ll be no way back before the wedding!” Even if you’re just unsure about colouring or curls, you may need to bring your trial date forward, or perhaps plan a second trial, just in case it doesn’t work out as well as you hope. 

Step 5 – Have your bridal hair and makeup trial day!

The Big Day is getting close, and it’s time to have even more fun and really get into the mood. Nothing does that better than your hair and makeup trial! If you’ve agreed with your hair stylist that you’ll only need the one trial, it’ll probably be scheduled two or three weeks before the wedding. If you’re having two trials, the first one will be a few months beforehand and the final one two weeks before.

“The final trim and any colouring needs to be done around a fortnight before the wedding”, advises Izabella. “That’s the right timing to allow things to settle but still be fresh on the day, and there’s still time to make any final tweaks”. 

Step 6 – Relax!

bride reclining in a tulle wedding dress

Now there’s no need to worry that you’ll look great and you’ll be proud to look at your wedding photos for years into the future. If you have any last-minute doubts (and what bride doesn’t?) get in touch with your hair stylist and discuss – if she’s like Izabella, she’ll always be happy to chat and contribute ideas. 

Take Izabella’s advice, and you’ll be certain of a wedding look you’ll always want to remember.


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