Wedding Hair & Makeup Schedules – Staying on Time and Stress Free on your Big Day

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Wedding Bride Photoshoot London Hyde Park
Wedding Bride Photoshoot London Hyde Park
Wedding Bride Photoshoot London Hyde Park

You said Yes! Your dreams are about to come true…  The date is fixed! Now it’s down to a flurry of planning to make that big day as perfect as it can be – and you’re definitely going to want to look your very very best!

“Planning your beauty arrangements for your Big Day is like conducting an orchestra”, says Izabella, the Creative Director of Woj Beauty. “There are so many players, and they’re all so important, from the star performer to the smallest accompanist”. The criticality of getting it all right – and everything done on time – can’t be understated.

It sounds stressful – but it doesn’t need to be, and it mustn’t be. As the bride, you need to be as relaxed as you can be! There are some decisions that you’ll need to take well in advance, though – one of which is arranging with a professional like Izabella to take care of everything on the day itself.

That way, you can rest easy that you’ll look your beautiful best on your wedding day, and stay totally relaxed, confident that everything will be on time and everyone else will be looked after too.

And those other decisions you need to take? Here’s Izabella’s advice:

Timing is everything

Bride Mom and Bridesmaid Wedding Day
Bride Mom and Bridesmaid Wedding Day

“My sole mission is to make sure that the bride, her mother and her bridesmaids all look stunning and are ready in plenty of time for the photographs and the ceremony – and that they stay looking just as good all day long”.

“So we need to allow at least 45 minutes for each girl to make sure there’s no rush”, says Izabella. “For a big wedding, we’ll probably have one makeup artist for every four people; maybe more if the wedding is early in the day”.

First things first

Your hair and makeup Beauty Team need to have the right amount of time for everyone to ensure nothing’s rushed and the day stays on schedule. “First in the day will usually be the bride’s mother”, says Izabella. “That’ll not only stop her worrying so much, as mothers do, but free her to spend time with the guests as they arrive”.

Next come the bridesmaids. If there’s one who’s always late for the party, schedule her last (but still give her an earlier time) so there’s no risk of her holding up others. If any of the bridesmaids have small children, make sure that they’ll have a carer around to look after them while they get glam’d up.

If you have young bridesmaids or flower girls, they’ll usually be scheduled last – partly because they are the quickest, partly because they’re more likely to get a little messed up sooner!

As long as you have the Woj Beauty Team on your side, nobody need worry that their makeup won’t last because they were early birds – the Team will stay on touch-up duty all day to keep you, your mother, your bridesmaids and special friends all looking as fresh as when they left the chair.

It’s not an exact science…

Bride Getting Ready, Wedding Makeup
Bride Getting Ready, Wedding Makeup

Beauty is an art. Although Izabella will work with you to create the best schedule, everyone will need to be flexible on the day. Hair and skin types are all different, so the team will understandably take different times for each individual to work their magic – and, of course, things don’t always happen with the precision of a Swiss watch! So, rather than fixing a time for each, ask all your bridesmaids to stay around all morning to allow for some sessions taking longer than expected and those unforeseen last minute changes.

It’s those photos you’ll come back to for the rest of your life

Wedding Bride Photoshoot London Hyde Park
Wedding Bride

“Our beauty preparations have to be planned around the photo shoot too”, says Izabella. If you’re having some of your pictures, like bridal portraits, taken before the ceremony, then that’ll dictate timing for the bride. “We may also need to allow extra time and even start earlier for very nervous brides who might take longer to get dressed”.

That usually means that the bride’s hair and makeup get scheduled somewhere in the middle of the  Beauty Plan schedule – not too early, but at the optimum time to make her perfect and for her to relax before she gets dressed, the flowers arrive and she has to pose for those all-important photos.

One more thought from Izabella – “We also need to know if one of the bridesmaids or the bride’s mother will be helping her get dressed and ready, so their hair and makeup need to be finished earlier”.

What comes first, the hair or the face?

Bride Getting Ready, Wedding Hair London
Bride Getting Ready, Wedding Hair London

Although it’s often said that makeup should be first, there’s no golden rule – everything depends on the individual! “One great thing about having an integrated beauty team”, says Izabella, “is that you don’t have to make that decision – the hair and makeup artists can work in tandem to achieve the best results for each person”. It’s also much more efficient – for example, starting with the hair, then, while it’s setting, applying the makeup, then finishing the hair and finally touching up the makeup.

OMG! So much to think of!

Woj Beauty Wedding Bride Photoshoot London W2
Woj Beauty Wedding Bride Photoshoot London W2

Relax! If you make that important first decision, to work with Izabella and her Woj Beauty Team, the rest comes easy. Izabella will work with you to understand all your wishes and needs. She’ll both create the Beauty Plan and manage it on the day. Woj Beauty provide a unique, high end service totally tailored to creating stunning results for bride, bridesmaids, bride’s mother and other special friends, so you can be 100% confident everything will go to plan on your Big Day.


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